Operative Works with Starz to Implement IBMS

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Premium Subscription Video Provider modernizes broadcast management system to take advantage of evolving product functionality driven by the extensive Operative customer base.

New York City, NY – November 3, 2016

Operative is pleased to announce that Starz has implemented IBMS Content to manage programming operations. Starz is a leading integrated global media and entertainment company and includes the operations for its domestic U.S. STARZ premium pay TV network. IBMS is the leading technology solution for premium networks, providing the business platform for the end to end management of premium content from content acquisition, program financial management, advanced rights management, and cross platform content scheduling.
“IBMS is one of the largest and most complex internal-client software implementations and deployments that Starz has undertaken in the 25 years of the company’s history. IBMS is changing the core infrastructure of our programming operations, impacting a large and diverse user community within the organization,” said James Porter, SVP Media System & IT Development at Starz.
“Operative is pleased to work with Starz on the IBMS project,” said Amir Lavi. “This complex project impacted multiple systems and applications. Operative replaced several internally developed systems and in coordination with Starz internal development team created new interfaces with existing programs in order to create a core programming solution that leverages STARZ content.”
IBMS Content is a highly flexible and integrated channel management system that streamlines the running of any TV business. Media assets can be scheduled and managed throughout the entire broadcast lifecycle, from acquisition to post-processing, transmission, reconciliation, and finance. IBMS is available in two basic configurations: IBMS Content and IBMS Sales. Part of the Operative portfolio of broadcast management solutions, IBMS is a customizable solution designed to meet the challenges of today’s media business.

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