Operative Announces Adeline, A New AI Platform for Media Companies 

The First Intuitive AI Technology That Enhances Productivity Across the Entire Revenue Workflow 

NEW YORK, April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Operative is announcing Adeline, a new assistive AI platform purpose-built to help media companies optimize inventory, speed sales, and accelerate work. Adeline is integrated directly into Operative products, designed specifically to drive productivity across the entire ad management workflow. Adeline is initially launching as a private beta with GenAI capabilities that deliver a conversational assistant to help users maximize their efficiency and use of the platform, and an automated plan and proposal generator to speed sales workflows and better manage yield.

“At a time when media companies are faced with unprecedented complexity in their business and operations, Operative is leveraging the power of AI to dramatically streamline processes and improve business intelligence. Adeline is a major step forward, helping media companies optimize inventory and accelerate work, while empowering employees with assistive, conversational AI, and only represents the first step in our development of AI enabled technology for media companies” said Michael Grossi, CEO at Operative.

Operative’s new AI platform provides media companies with a number of benefits across their organization, sellers and agents are empowered to work smarter, faster, and with more impact, and is only the beginning of Operative’s planned investment in AI capabilities across their product suite. Sales teams can sell faster and be more responsive to buyers, creating proposals quickly and easily while automating tasks. Operations teams accelerate the speed of work with generative and predictive intelligence. They can also supercharge campaigns and customer data with predictive analytics that deliver impactful outcomes for advertisers.

Operative will be demonstrating the Adeline AI assistant at NAB 2024. For more information about Adeline, please see www.operative.com/Adeline.

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