Simplifies affiliate and retransmission fee revenue management for cable networks and broadcast groups.
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Smarter Revenue Management

MEDEA makes revenue management easy for Pay TV networks.

  • Affiliate Management

    Sell content and expand distribution strategically, with complete visibility into your past and present contracts and performance.
  • Automate

    Automate deal and contract approvals, affiliate launches, subscriber entry, reconciliation and revenue collection, and optimization.
  • Save Time for Strategic Work

    Empower your team with time and insights to develop exceptional strategies and forecasts.

Control Retransmission Fees

MEDEA ensures that all aspects of retransmission fee processing are integrated, automated and correct.

  • Centralize

    Manage and store deal terms, import subscriber counts, and calculate valid revenue and network payments in one centralized platform.
  • Reconcile with Ease

    Automate deal and contract approvals, reconciliation, and receivable collection and optimization.
  • Gain Insight

    Enhance your insights with a full range of A/R capabilities, including more than 150 leading reporting metrics and templates.

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