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Local Media properties demand robust solutions to manage rapidly changing advertising operations.
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Complexity Across Advertising Channels

Local Media demands the flexibility to combine multiple business models and advertising types.

  • Unified Campaigns

    Advertisers expect campaigns to be unified, not fragmented.
  • Outcome-Driven Results

    Campaigns need to deliver audiences as well as specific outcomes.
  • Campaign Flexibility

    Campaign execution must be flexible and operate across different business models and platforms.

The Future of Local Media

Operative’s integrated platform provides local broadcasters with a powerful solution to meet evolving advertiser needs.

  • Unify Technologies

    Connect the ad tech stack and centralize product and inventory data.
  • Automate Operations

    Automate workflows across the entire advertising process.
  • Drive Insights with Data

    Gain valuable insights to optimize campaign outcomes.


Operative’s cloud-based solutions enable local broadcasters to meet rapidly changing advertiser needs.

  • Speed

    Cloud solutions simplify configuration and integration, allowing for rapid implementation compared to on-premise software.
  • Cost

    Cloud software is less costly to maintain, is available anywhere your workers are, and updates are normally done without any user downtime.
  • Innovation

    Cloud solutions scale across modern workflows, integrate more easily with other platforms, and can stream data continuously throughout the tech stack.


AOS is the industry-leading platform to power modern media.


The cloud-based solution to power modern media, managing advertising workflows across platforms and inventory types.
An end-to-end platform for Multi-Channel Distributors and Program Originators, providing a single platform to manage ad sales, traffic operations, promotions, stewardship, programming, and finance.
A program management solution providing broadcast stations, cable networks and group owners with tools to effectively manage scheduling, contract rights and finances of their program…
A cloud-based reporting & analytics tool to help media companies aggregate, normalize, and automate revenue data.
An ad management platform for digital publishers, streamlining inventory, planning, and order workflows.
A solution to help manage distribution sales, process all billing and collections, and provide management reporting for network services.

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