Subscription Management


Simplified program fee revenue management for cable networks and broadcasters. Better control content programming fees for MVPD’s.
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Better Manage Content Fees & Expenses

MVPD’s can now plan, pay, predict, and perform with more precision and less effort.

  • Simplify

    Enjoy simple and accurate payment processing.
  • Automate Payments

    Automate critical processes such as linear and transactional accruals and payments.
  • Gain Insights

    Get insights into subscriber trends and margins, and comprehensive visibility into contract compliance.

Simplify Ad Operations

Streamline advertising operations workflows within cable networks and broadcasters, save valuable time and help avoid costly mistakes.

  • Affiliate Management

    Simplify and streamline affiliate fees, reverse compensation and programming costs, as well as payment processing for various transaction types.
  • Automate

    Automate critical workflows such as deal and contract approvals.
  • Unify

    Centralize and optimize your entire portfolio, providing the most accurate performance data possible for your business.

Subscription Management: Products

A solution to help manage distribution sales, process all billing and collections, and provide management reporting for network services.
A solution for MVPDs to manage fees paid for content, helping streamline contract negotiation, payment processing, and business intelligence.

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