Operative Product Portfolio

Operative’s suite of products power linear and digital ad success for hundreds of the world’s top media companies.
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Comprehensive Product Portfolio for Media Companies

Operative’s comprehensive set of products power content & rights management, advertising, reporting & insights, and subscription management workflows.
The cloud-based solution to power modern media, managing advertising workflows across platforms and inventory types.
A cloud-based solution to unify disparate applications and services, normalize cross-property and cross-platform datasets, automate business processes, and optimize outcomes.
An ad management platform for digital publishers, streamlining inventory, planning, and order workflows.
An all-in-one ad management platform for linear broadcasters, fully streamlining end-to-end workflows across the business.
A content and rights management platform for linear and nonlinear media scheduling and lifecycle workflows.
An end-to-end platform for Multi-Channel Distributors and Program Originators, providing a single platform to manage ad sales, traffic operations, promotions, stewardship, programming, and finance.
A program management solution providing broadcast stations, cable networks and group owners with tools to effectively manage scheduling, contract rights and finances of their program…
Developed for the Northern European market, MediaPro empowers sales houses, TV & radio networks and buying agencies with effective administration of the end-to-end ad sales…
A cloud-based reporting & analytics tool to help media companies aggregate, normalize, and automate revenue data.
A forecasting and optimization solution that leverages machine learning and augmented data to reduce audience forecast error rates, and help maximize inventory yield across Live,…
A solution to help manage distribution sales, process all billing and collections, and provide management reporting for network services.
A solution for MVPDs to manage fees paid for content, helping streamline contract negotiation, payment processing, and business intelligence.

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