Sell and manage advertising — linear, digital, and converged.
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Increased Operational Complexity

We now operate in a cross-platform world, and advertisers have increased expectations.

  • Explosive Growth of Ad Channels

    Rapid growth of SVOD, FAST, CTV, and mobile has made advertising exponentially more complex.
  • Multi-Platform Environment

    Audiences consume content via multiple delivery methods and platforms. Advertisers demand audience-focused campaigns.
  • Outcomes Not Ratings

    Advertisers want outcomes. Media companies need to deliver.

Simplify & Streamline

Operative provides the platform and tools for media companies of any size to unify complex ad operations and drive revenue and efficiency.

  • Unify

    Connect and centralize ad technologies and data – both linear and digital.
  • Automate

    Converge and automate ad operations across the entire pitch to pay workflows.
  • Sell More

    Drive more sales with better campaign visibility and data across platforms.

Leading Media Companies Get It

Their vision: unify data and platforms, automate operations, and drive insights with data.

  • Automated Data Flows

    Planning and proposals, deal maintenance, stewardship, and billing can all be automated across platforms.
  • Analytics & Insights

    Comprehensive media analytics is critical to help maximize the value of inventory and deliver revenue-driving insights.
  • Converged Business

    We’ve entered an era of converged advertising data and technologies – from products & packaging to inventory management and multi-format measurement.

Our Products to Manage Advertising

The cloud-based solution to power modern media, managing advertising workflows across platforms and inventory types.
An ad management platform for digital publishers, streamlining inventory, planning, and order workflows.
An end-to-end platform for Multi-Channel Distributors and Program Originators, providing a single platform to manage ad sales, traffic operations, promotions, stewardship, programming, and finance.
A content and rights management platform for linear and nonlinear media scheduling and lifecycle workflows.
An all-in-one ad management platform for linear broadcasters, fully streamlining end-to-end workflows across the business.
A cloud-based reporting & analytics tool to help media companies aggregate, normalize, and automate revenue data.
A program management solution providing broadcast stations, cable networks and group owners with tools to effectively manage scheduling, contract rights and finances of their program…

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