100+ brands, $40+ billion, 40+ countries

Operative will have an enormous positive impact on the way linear and digital advertising are transacted across the globe. Our combined linear and digital offerings create the largest independent advertising sales platform for media companies, providing them with a profitable technology solution for today and the future of TV and digital advertising. No other software company brings a comparable depth of experience to create truly innovative software that performs across all platforms, revenue models and business units. An investment in Operative solutions is an investment in innovation that performs.

As part of the television industry for more than 16 years, we are constantly seeking to improve our solutions to help our customers do business. Since 2000, we have grown to over 1,100 employees in 12 offices around the world. We process more than $40 billion in advertising dollars for the best-known companies in the industry. Operative is proud to play a pivotal role in the way advertising is bought, sold and managed across the television industry.