Connect data across Linear and Non-Linear scheduling through a single system to maximize value through the entire content life cycle.
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Content Rights is Increasingly Complex

Content delivery methods including CTV and OTT create enormous opportunities for engagement and personalization, but greatly increase complexity for managing content rights and optimizing rights utilization.

  • Complex

    Complying with contractual obligations is increasingly complex.
  • Disparate Data

    Data for content delivery platforms like CTV and OTT is often stored separately creating manual processes.
  • Time-Consuming

    Managing multiple platforms and data sources is time-consuming and error-prone.

IBMS Content: Maximize Content Value

IBMS Content provides comprehensive business management for the entire content lifecycle, simplifying content rights and helping maximize content value.

  • Combined Data

    IBMS Content provides a single repository of assets, contracts, and rights across all platforms – Linear and Non-Linear.
  • Comprehensive Management

    Complete business management for the entire content lifecycle, from acquisition to scheduling to post-production transmission, reconciliation, and finance.
  • Compliance

    Ensure all content is utilized, deal terms are met, and contractual compliance is maintained.

IBMS Sales: Increase Sales Revenue and Efficiency

IBMS Sales simplifies the sales process by combining inventory and revenue planning, proposals, orders, and more into one central system.

  • Combine Data

    Access all relevant sales data from one central system, including both Linear and Non-Linear advertising inventory.
  • Streamline Processes

    Eliminate wasted time and effort in the proposal and sales process.
  • Empower Ad Teams

    Provide control to your ad ops team, ensuring data is where it needs to be.


Connecting through AOS CloudCore, IBMS can easily exchange data with any part of your tech stack. Supercharge IBMS by using AOS CloudCore to add capabilities such as schedule optimization, content metadata enrichment, and analytics & insights.

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