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Data and analytics are now critical to optimize your media and identify new revenue opportunities for your business.
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Disparate Media Data

Ad technology has splintered and data now resides in multiple platforms and data sources.

  • Data Explosion

    The overall volume of media data has increased exponentially.
  • Multiple Platforms

    Data resides in multiple platforms and is difficult to access and normalize.
  • Old Technology

    Many tools are based on old technology and reliant on historical data.

Power Your Insights

Automate and analyze revenue data from any source and distribute it across your organization.

  • Automate Data Collection

    Collect revenue, spend, and inventory data from multiple platforms.
  • Unify Data

    Normalize and unify disparate data types into standardized data sets.

Actionable Reporting & Benchmark Data

Leverage industry-leading reporting tools and benchmark data to make more informed decisions.

  • Generate Actionable Reporting

    Generate actionable reports quickly and easily, from standard revenue and reconciliation reports to custom reports across different demand partners.
  • Leverage Benchmark Data

    Utilize comprehensive industry benchmarks to enable quick decisions around pricing, sales targets, and more, via anonymized data from dozens of publishers driving over $3 billion per year in advertising.

Visualize Everything

Operative analytics solutions enable you to build your own data and reporting warehouse, or plug into your existing platforms with ease.

  • Integrations

    400 pre-built integrations and a dedicated team to build custom integrations.
  • Expertise

    Expert professional services to help navigate advertising data and different ad tech platforms.
  • Ease Of Use

    A powerful but easy to use interface for merging data and adding business rules.
  • Flexibility

    Easily access and push data to and from existing visualization, operations platforms and ad servers to automate changes.


Operative analytics solutions deliver measurable results.


Forecasting Improvements with OnTarget


STAQ Data Integrations


Combined advertising dollars in STAQ benchmark group


With AOS and STAQ, you finally have the tools to gain comprehensive insights into media performance.

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