Martech Interview with Operative CEO Michael Grossi

In this insightful Q&A, Martech interviewed Michael Grossi, CEO of Operative. Michael has 30 years of experience in enterprise software and technology working for leading global media companies in mobile, telecom, and IT. He has unique expertise in driving emerging and transformative growth strategies for companies with a focus on operational excellence and customer service. 

1. Michael, please tell us about your journey in the industry so far.

Very early in my career, I moved to technology, starting in telecommunications. There has been so much innovation and growth, it can be a very exciting industry with opportunities to lead for people who are willing. I first gained strategic leadership experience at companies like Adventis, Helio, and Altman Solon, when the mobile and wireless markets were being established.

This high-growth, high-pressure experience has served me well throughout my career. I have learned how to create clear strategies in the midst of growth and complexity. Companies that are in the middle of a high-growth industry need to be agile to take advantage of new opportunities and scale the company quickly. Having served numerous times in both CEO and board roles at software and technology companies over the last decade, it’s been important to deeply understand client needs and have a strong vision for the market to move at the right time.

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