Operative and Revenue Analytics Partner to Transform Pricing Unification Through RateOptics and AOS Integration

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Operative and Revenue Analytics have announced a partnership to deepen the direct integration between Revenue Analytics’ RateOptics’ pricing software and Operative’s AOS unified cloud-based revenue management platform. This partnership will enable joint customers to access time sensitive rate cards across multiple advertising assets, delivering dynamic pricing and increased inventory yield within AOS. The two companies share a vision of converged selling through centralized, unified technology and this is the next step in their strategic partnership.

“As clients of both Operative and Revenue Analytics, we are thrilled that the two companies are unifying their software workflows to deliver a more powerful solution for media companies. Already we’re seeing the improvements in our revenue management processes, from creating proposals to responding in real time to market changes. We are able to be faster, more accurate and more competitive. I look forward to the additional solutions that will come from their partnership,” said Rob Weisbord, COO and President of Local Media for Sinclair, Inc. at Sinclair.

Operative and Revenue Analytics both provide cross-platform automation within powerful cloud-based solutions for modern media companies. Designed to work with existing technology, media companies can take advantage of AOS even if their other technology partners are not cloud-based. With best-in-class price recommendations from RateOptics integrated into the AOS workflow, media companies can create better rates faster and more accurately.

“We are excited to be launching our first collaboration that brings RateOptics pricing to AOS. We believe that when technology companies prioritize seamless integration, the customer benefits, and by partnering with Operative we deliver real solutions to our shared customer base,” said Zach Cross, President at Revenue Analytics.

“Revenue Analytics and Operative share the philosophy that technology should work together to solve problems and deliver new innovations to media companies. We are thrilled to collaborate with them in this first integration for linear, which will be followed by additional integrations across channels,” said Ben Tatta, Chief Commercial Officer at Operative.

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