BroadcastPro Middle East: Adapting to Disruption

Ben Tatta, Chief commercial Officer, Operative

In the coming year, connected TV (CTV) will become a dominant advertising channel in more countries around the world. Consumers love the ability to select shows on-demand on any screen they choose. Advertisers love that they can combine the ad formats of TV with the targeting and measurement of digital media. This growth will create new revenue opportunities for media companies if they are able to package and deliver effectively for their advertiser clients. This means that they must provide their sales team with ready access to the entire product catalogue so that CTV can be easily combines with linear, digital and other offerings for a multichannel offering. Ad operations teams will need an automated platform that can help them quickly deliver campaigns across these channels and optimise as necessary based on advertiser goals, This means that a flexible, centralised advertising technology stack must be in place to connect different media channels. In the coming year, more media companies will focus on their work – centralising product data, supporting ad operations with technology and putting together the ability to optimise and deliver reporting for multichannel advertisers.

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