How DCO is changing the Streaming Media Landscape

With the right support systems in place, including a central order management system, publishers will be set up for success.

Streaming media is taking off in popularity around the world, with one in five people on earth expected to use it by the end of the decade. Streaming brings together the best part of television and digital, offering high-quality viewing experiences with the data-driven interactivity of the internet.

Advertisers are also embracing streaming. With an expected advertising spend of $137bn by 2027, it’s expected to surpass linear TV spend in many markets by that time.

One innovation that has captured advertiser attention is dynamic content optimisation, also known as dynamic creative optimisation or DCO. This software creates multiple variations by combining media and components, and then targeting the optimal one for a target viewer. This enables advertisers to deliver more relevant ads efficiently and at a large scale. They can deliver ads on a big screen next to premium content, using personalisation, automation and real-time responsiveness for a much more relevant ad experience. DCO is a major opportunity for advertisers on streaming.

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