EuroMedia it’s the F.A.S.T. Show: FAST Money

Spending. Dave Dembowski, SVP of Global Sales at Operative, suggests that media companies with FAST and AVoD offerings were in a good position to capture spending in 2023. “While premium CTV content still commands higher CPMs, AVoD and FAST are attracting huge audiences. Where audiences go, advertisers follow. In 2024, it’s likely that advertisers will continue to shift their spending from traditional broadcast channels to new streaming channels.”

“From many providers, the future of FAST is looking more promising by the day, with solutions gradually beginning to prioritise viewer experience above all else,” notes Gatis Gailis, CEO and founder, Veset. “The introduction and application of advanced data analytics will eventually lead to a sky-rocket in the performance and evolution of individual viewer preferences. This will not only improve the content variety and quality, but also enhance overall user experience, meeting consumer demand. In 2024, FAST providers and the broadcast and media industry will see improved content personalisation and a drive towards technological advancements, leading to an overall improved experience for consumers and providers alike.”

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