Viewers love FAST TV, and advertisers are following suit

Free ad-supported TV (FAST) is growing, well, fast.

There are several reasons why viewers are taking to the new channel so quickly. First, FAST is part of the general trend moving from traditional broadcast and linear TV towards streaming technology. In the U.S., streaming overtook cable TV in July of 2022 to become the most popular way to get TV. Globally, streaming growth rates are much higher than other TV options.

Around the world, consumers like that streaming offers better choices at a better price point – a win-win. FAST is a streaming option that is appealing to cost-conscious viewers who are tired of paying subscription fees. The majority of respondents in one major study showed that people are willing to watch ads to save money.

Viewers also like that FAST is truly digital. With connected TVs (aka CTVs) in nearly three quarters of every household in the United Kingdom, for example, millions of people have the promise of interactive, addressable viewing in their homes. Younger generations, in particular, are used to social media platforms, where commerce, communication and content are all combined. FAST, and streaming in general, is likely to evolve in that direction in the future, and consumers are embracing these innovations.

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