Navigating the New Media Revenue Frontier: Unifying Strategies for Success

Today’s media companies are facing complexity never seen before. With the proliferation of distribution channels across platforms and content types, buyers have more options than ever before on where they want to be and how they want to reach their audiences. Sellers are tasked with finding ways to scale the distribution of more content and how they can reach more eyeballs. Scaling advertising revenue management requires expertise across linear, digital and streaming channels with any number of different partners and technologies.

The technologies and processes that support revenue management are not built to handle the dramatic increase in data, volume and detail that goes into every step of the process from proposal to IO to operations to reporting. Sales and operations teams in particular find themselves overwhelmed with manual work to assemble information from disparate systems and align their business to serve advertiser needs.

Luckily, new technologies are emerging to address the complexity of revenue management, by unifying systems, simplifying and automating workflows and delivering faster ROI.

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