Industry Insights: Local broadcasters embracing FAST and forging new partnerships

In the evolving landscape of broadcast technology, free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) is rapidly becoming a focal point for industry discussions. As part of our Industry Insights series, this roundtable gathers a diverse group of broadcast vendors and suppliers to delve into the integration and implications of FAST within traditional broadcasting.

Part two of this series explores the shift towards FAST and its implications for traditional broadcasters, the transformation of TV viewing habits and the critical role of partnerships and collaborations in the industry.

Participants discuss how embracing FAST is not just an option but a necessity for broadcasters aiming to remain relevant in an era where audience preferences lean heavily towards on-demand content.

How do you see traditional broadcasters, such as local TV stations, further embracing FAST and streaming?

Dave Dembowski, SVP of global sales, Operative: Traditional broadcasters will take time to move completely to streaming, but during that transition, they need to be able to sell products that appeal to advertisers who also work with pure play streamers, social giants and more. Traditional broadcasters are seeing more advertiser customers who want to buy and sell in a modern way. This means they need to offer self-service media buying, targeting and flexible delivery across their product catalog.

In what ways is FAST altering traditional TV viewing habits?

Dave Dembowski, SVP of global sales, Operative: FAST is part of a larger movement of on-demand content that is also becoming more interactive, with better targeting than ever. Consumers and advertisers are embracing these elements, which they are also used to on web and mobile channels.

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