2024 trends and predictions

GenAI, FAST, sustainability, sports and edge/Open Caching are all seeing growing momentum and feature heavily in our latest round of 2024 TV industry trends and predictions.

Dave Dembowski, SVP Sales, Operative Media:

“More streaming media companies are investing in live sports as a major pillar of their content offering. Amazon and Netflix have joined streamers like Hulu and Peacock to deliver real-time action to viewers on the screen of their choice. This shift does a few things to the market. First, it means that advertisers have more CTV partners to work with when planning their live sports media buy. Second, it means that there are more opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of the digital elements of CTV in a live sports environment.

“Dynamic Ad Insertion, known as DAI is one example that allows advertisers to insert personalized ads into streaming content. Using household and location data, advertisers can deliver a relevant, targeted experience to viewers that can even reference plays from the game. To remain competitive, media companies offering live sports need to offer the most modern ad sales experience possible to advertisers. They want to select everything from placement and timing to audience segments and creative content in a seamless, scalable way. Using a combination of order management, self-service technology and DAI technology can help media companies embrace the future of sports advertising without being overwhelmed by the added complexity. Those companies taking advantage of the digital benefits to traditionally linear live sports offerings will be able to capitalize on the revenue opportunities from advertisers looking at modern solutions for the future of their business.”

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