Pause ads are the latest streaming innovation, prepare for more

For streaming companies, and commercial broadcasters with VoD channels, the pause ad is a new way of targeting viewers when they’re distracted by something other than their screen, writes Operative’s SVP of global sales, David Dembowski

Advertising innovation is coming to a TV near you. The latest advertising format to hit the big screen is the “pause ad” – an ad that airs when someone has paused what they are watching. In the UK, pause ads have been on Channel 4 for years. In the US, Netflix has recently rolled out the new format while Peacock calls pause ads “high-impact and unobtrusive” on their website.

With any innovative format, the structure that media companies build around it is at least as important as the ad product itself. Without good processes and technology to manage new ads, it will be hard to sell or scale. There are many things that go into making a new ad product successful. Media companies need to enable sellers to easily price and package the ad format into a larger proposal. They need to easily traffic creative and manage the campaign. And, they need to report on the ad in a way that helps advertisers compare its performance against other ads in their media plan.

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