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Who is Operative?

We are a solutions company, which means that we use software in conjunction with services to help publishers, agencies, networks, and broadcasters simplify the business of advertising.

Some of the world’s largest and most complex media companies rely on Operative’s advertising business management software to sell, traffic, and bill premium ad inventory, increasing revenue and decreasing overhead. Operative’s client base, which controls over 20 percent of the global ad market, features Wall Street Journal, Comcast, iHeartRadio, BuzzFeed, and Schibsted Media.

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We Are Operative

Global Experts in Digital Media Sales & Ad Operations

250 Employees
Support Operative’s top media clients around the world.
12,000 Users
Rely on Operative to manage ad inventory, traffic and bill
150,000 lines
Trafficked per month by our ad ops team
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Bangalore
  • Denver
  • Hong Kong
  • Melbourne
  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • London
  • New York
  • Sao Paulo

Our Story

We built Operative over a decade ago to help publishers simplify the business of advertising. In the dot-com era, we were a team of ad ops experts who provided outsourced trafficking. Even then we knew that workflow automation and profitability were inherently linked. After years of working within the intricacies of our clients’ digital ad ops processes, we built our software platform to streamline the entire process of selling digital media, from quote to cash. And now, amidst our industry’s trend toward granularity and complex targeting, we still believe that the most profitable media companies are those that protect the most important aspect of their business: inventory value.


Operative is the hub. Every piece of data about the campaign is there. And that’s how it should be.

Mark Bernstein, Vice President of Business Operations, Kelley Blue Book

Our Solutions

Digital Media Sales & Operations

  • Software

    Our software gives you control over your inventory, helping you increase revenue and decrease operating costs. Operative creates a simplified product catalog that allows you to bundle and sell multimedia inventory, deliver efficiently, and bill accurately.

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  • Services

    Our ad ops teams have a 99.8% accuracy rate. We save you money by taking low-ROI ad ops work like trafficking and QA off your plate, so you can focus your teams on strategic work that generates revenue while reducing your ad ops spend by 50%.

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  • Ad Serving

    Being the largest Google DoubleClick reseller, our size allows us to save clients money. Companies work with us because we cost less, and can offer dedicated, on-shore support that smaller resellers and direct providers can’t match.

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Our People

Operatives are the best and brightest from all around the media industry, Whether we’re leading within the walls of Operative, or in the industry at events, we want to help you simplify the business of advertising.

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