Operative in Europe – Q&A With Goldbach Media’s Christian Arm

By The Operative Team

Operative recently announced an exciting new partnership with Goldbach Media. This partnership brings AOS to an important market in Europe, where media companies are experiencing transformation beyond linear TV with new growth on CTV, broadcast and digital channels.

Operative AOS is the most modern, cloud-based revenue management technology to publishers around the world. With this partnership, Goldbach will unlock the scale and flexibility of AOS to support a converged media sales and operations

Operative helps publishers evolve their traditional linear ad-sales to embrace new channels including digital and CTV, sell effectively to advertisers and deliver seamlessly. A recent study from IAB Europe notes that the top goal for publishers is to encourage their advertisers to start spending on CTV inventory.

Operative’s strategic plan to expand further in Europe will create opportunities for European publishers in a converged future.

We sat down with Christian Arm, Goldbach Media’s Head of Technology & Innovation to hear more about the value of Operative for European Publishers.

How is the European advertising market evolving?

We are seeing increasing adoption of digital channels, video, streaming and CTV. Our traditional channels are still the most important part of our business, but a lot of growth is happening elsewhere. This is creating a number of shifts in the market. Advertisers are looking for audiences and are realizing they will need to buy these new channels to reach them. Digital growth is also forcing linear publishers to reconsider their approach to ad sales and ad operations so that they can sell traditional media and new media in a converged way.

We are seeing all of this change in a few ways. First, we’re seeing a lot of complexity. There is fragmentation across channels, more products, more prices, and more delivery and reporting work to do. 

What is exciting about implementing AOS?

We are excited to implement a cloud solution that brings us a lot more power, scale and flexibility. Converged media requires more data, more products and creates more complexity. AOS is built to handle this complexity and provide our company with the foundation they need to sell and deliver in a converged market.

We also like the modular design of AOS which allows us to implement the elements we want in a way that will fit with our current technology and processes. We can evolve in stages, and AOS will grow with us.

Why did you select Operative AOS?

Operative is the only truly converged, SaaS, open-platform solution that offers linear companies a modular, phased approach to their transformation, ensuring that our existing business is supported while enabling scale and innovation on new channels and the option to plug-in best of breed solution components.

Operative has a track record of success supporting the world’s largest publishers with revenue management and operations technology that works. Operative has emerged as the top solution for media companies time and again, through the evolution of linear TV, digital and video, and now CTV.

How does AOS fit into your current tech stack?

As an open platform solution, the implementation of AOS will be flexible and offer us very exciting opportunities for innovative changes and improvements to continue on our path of being the most innovative and most customer-driven leading TV marketer in Switzerland.

Thanks Christian! We’re excited about expanding our relationship with Goldbach Media!



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