Gen AI Q&A With Holly Rae, Operative VP of Product Management

By The Operative Team

We recently sat down with Holly Rae, VP of Product Management at Operative to discuss Adeline, a new assistive AI platform purpose-built to help media companies optimize inventory, speed sales, and accelerate work.

Holly Rae is Vice President of Product Development at Operative. A seasoned professional with extensive experience in TV and digital advertising, Holly leads product development for network solutions at Operative.

Holly Rae, VP of Product Mgmt

Q: Why does AI seem to be everywhere lately?

A: You hear about everyone coming out with some type of AI product in the next 6 months. It almost feels like you need to have an AI solution to be part of the conversation these days. I’ve seen some really innovative things being done with AI, and some things that will be table stakes with an AI bow on it by the end of 2024. It’s unavoidable that AI will be a part of every tech vendor’s portfolio of solutions. And there’s an important reason for that: AI has become increasingly popular especially in the advertising technology space with it’s ability to automate and optimize business processes that have typically been manual, time consuming, and error prone. The ability to automate these labor intensive tasks offers a chance for media companies to drive new revenue, and improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, with advancements in technology, AI has become more accessible and affordable, making it a valuable tool for companies across industries.

Q: What benefits does AI provide specifically for media companies? 

A: I break it down into three main areas:

Q: Tell me a bit about Adeline, Operative’s new AI platform?

A: Adeline is the first purpose-built AI platform for media companies to infinitely optimize inventory and accelerate work, while empowering employees with assistive, conversational AI. It is designed to drive new revenue and get more done by integrating across Operative’s solutions and automating business workflows. Adeline is a game-changer for media companies, much like how the creation of the internet and the iPhone revolutionized the way we communicate and access information.

It’s like having a super-smart assistant that can help with everything from automating sales tasks to generating customized proposals. And more so, Adeline is built to integrate across Operative’s solutions, making it the perfect tool for advertising and publishers. It’s like having a secret weapon in the competitive world of media. 

Q: What makes AI so valuable to media companies when it comes to revenue management?

A: Oh wow….where do I start? AI is incredibly valuable to media companies when it comes to revenue management. We recently published an eBook which discusses several AI use cases for media companies. For example, sales teams can use Adeline to access data, product catalog and processes. This then helps optimize inventory, speed up sales tasks, and generate customized proposals based on advertiser requests. And here’s what’s so exciting: the proposals that Adeline creates are infinitely-optimized, meaning the AI tool can billions of datapoints to deliver an optimal campaign plan. This can help increase revenue and improve efficienciencies throughout the sales process.

Additionally, AI can provide near-instant analysis and outputs that deliver impactful outcomes for advertisers, further driving revenue. So, with the right modeling and partner, AI can help media companies make more money, work more efficiently, and deliver better results for their advertisers. 

Q: How does an Operative user take advantage of the new AI capabilities?

A: As an Operative user, you can take advantage of the new AI capabilities by using Adeline, specifically designed to help media companies optimize inventory, accelerate sales, and automate the workflow. Adeline is integrated directly into Operative products, designed specifically to drive productivity across the entire ad management workflow. Adeline is initially launching in private beta with with GenAI capabilities that deliver a conversational assistant to help users maximize their efficiency and use of the platform, and an automated plan and proposal generator to speed sales workflows. 

Q: What is an example of how Operative’s AI can help sellers?

A: Imagine you’re a seller and you have to generate RFPs and provide optimized plans based on advertiser requests. This can be a time-consuming, error-prone, and a repetitive manual task that pulls you away from more strategic work. But with Operative’s AI, this process can be automated, helping to instantly build optimized plans and proposals saving sellers time and improving the accuracy of the output. Operative’s AI can help you work smarter, and achieve better results for the organization. The user simply describes the details of the RFP, and Adeline delivers a detailed optimized campaign plan that adheres to all requirements and follows the pricing and product availability in the system. Adeline can also take in external optimized plans directly into the system. What used to take hours and days can be accomplished almost instantly

Q: How about AdOps teams, how can Operative’s AI improve what they are doing?

Operative’s AI can help AdOps teams by automating business processes and providing predictive analytics. Adeline provides GPT-enabled assistant that deeply understands Operative’s technology and a client’s unique instances, data, product catalog and processes. Users can ask questions to quickly and easily navigate the platform and improve workflow. Adeline also provides business intelligence and can be used as an analytics tool to help AdOps teams quickly get information and data-driven answers about everything from deal status, product pricing, inventory availability and more. The improved efficiency and accuracy Adeline enables can lead to better outcomes for advertisers and the performance of their campaigns.

Q: Can I join the beta and when will it be generally available?

We are currently in the beta testing phase and are working towards general release. Our current beta program is available to a select group of clients, but if you’re interested in participating, you can contact our team to see how you can get involved. We are always looking for new users to test and provide feedback on our platform. Adeline will be generally available in the near future.

Thanks Holly! We appreciate your time!



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