Univision Communications Testimonial

Broadcast Media, Digital Publisher

Operative.One has helped us have clear visibility in what’s being purchased and where. This gives us a better avenue for planning and seeing where opportunities lie.

– Vanessa Lizama, VP of Digital Media Strategy

Univision Communications is the first and leading Hispanic television network, which includes the Fusion TV channel, and digital publications The Chive and The Root. Univision released a statement that they closed out 2017 “as the No. 1 Spanish-Language Network in Primetime for the 25th consecutive year across key demos.” With an average audience of over 100 million viewers and multichannel media outlets, there is no room for ad ops complexity behind the scenes, which is why its VP of Digital Media Strategy, Vanessa Lizama, and its CFO and SVP of Revenue Strategy and Analytics, Anthony Viglietti, rely on Operative.One.

Before Operative.One, Lizama says, “for digital, we didn’t have a platform or planning tool in order to be able to enter our data cohesively across the network.” Not only were they lacking a unified process and platform, Viglietti also explains that they could not manage their integrations within their own technology. “We couldn’t build anything on top of what we had. With Operative.One, we can add anything in our tech stack, such as management tools and sophisticated tools, to it that we couldn’t do previously.” Now, the Univision team can manage all advertising needs in one solution and use their time optimizing campaign strategies instead of manually pulling data.

The future is looking bright for Univision with the support of Operative.One. Lizama says, “I do feel supported with the Operative.One team. They definitely held our hand throughout the onboarding process.” Viglietti also adds that, “I would recommend Operative.One to someone else in the industry who had similar problems that we had. Operative is doing great things that are interested around convergence, which is a word Lorne (Operative’s CEO) has been using for years but is finally coming to fruition.”

To learn more about how Univision is leveraging Operative.One, check out Anthony Viglietti’s presentation from our 5th annual OP/ED conference here.

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