TV Globo Testimonial

International Broadcaster

The Operative.One platform set discipline in the organization and enabled the team to be more organized and gave clarity on roles and responsibilities which helped in achieving the most wanted  outcome, much faster than before. It was not only a software implementation but an opportunity for us to rethink our processes and redesign them strategically alongside Operative.One, which became the core to our day to day operations.

Operative.One helped us overcome our challenges and gain back control on our Ad Operations – Operative is not only a partner for technology, but also envisions the future. I think this is kind of partnership every ad ops team must have.

– Silivio Veloso, Head of IT Business Partner & Paris Neto, Director of Technology Platforms

Globo is the largest commercial TV network in South America and the second-largest commercial TV network in annual revenue worldwide. With 122 broadcasting stations In Brazil,  Globo TV delivers programming to more than 183 million visitors, 99.5% of the entire Brazilian population.

Before Operative, Globo’s ad operations teams led by Silvio Veloso Head of IT Business Partner, and Paris Neto Director of Technology Platforms were struggling with inefficient inventory management. Sales used legacy systems that involved manually pulling and reporting on delivery data, data was spread across several disconnected systems, and visibility into real-time inventory was impossible.

“Our sales process was extremely manual. Sales used legacy systems for trafficking, push server, reports, and so on. They were all manual which was the main reason we needed a change,” says Veloso.

That’s when they turned to Operative to implement Operative.One, an order management system, that allows them to automate their workflow processes for quick and accurate sales and delivery. At the same time, the team discovered they could control and monitor their operations processes more closely to adapt to market needs.

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