NCC Media Testimonial


For the first time we were sitting around the table, speaking a language that was the same.

– Nick Garramone, SVP, Research & eBusiness Operations

NCC Media is a multichannel video programming distributor that provides national, regional and local premium television programming and online content to reach every US market. It proudly represents every major cable, satellite and telco service provider in the country and is jointly owned by three of the nation’s largest: Comcast, Spectrum and Cox Communications.

Without Connect, NCC Media had trouble communicating with publishers and attaining first party data, as it didn’t have access to the clients’ independent ad servers. Going to a third party to get information was inefficient and illogical. Nick and the NCC Media team concluded that switching to Connect would solve these problems as well as improve the working relationships between the company and its publishers.

Integrating Connect into the company allowed NCC Media to use the same format and terminology as its publishers, who were already Operative.One customers. Connect has also allowed NCC Media to develop a digital model for the publishers instead of having to adapt linear formats to fit their clients’ needs.

Now, NCC Media is able to work with both linear and digital publishers more productively and is able to easily acquire new clients using Operative.One to support Connect. For this reason, Garramone encourages others to implement Operative technology as well, stating, “the more of us who are in there managing our business through Connect, the better we’re going to be able to represent premium video advertising.”

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