With solutions for Local Broadcast Stations, Cross Media Sales, Network Convergence and Digital Planning, AOS will enable Media Companies to easily transition to Outcome Based Selling without taking on significant headcount and ensuring they maximize the value of every Impression and Spot in their inventory portfolio.

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The transition to Outcome-Based selling will require change

AOS for Local Broadcast Stations

AOS will take your Local Station Sales teams from traditional on-premises solutions to one that is built in the cloud, with all the benefits of SaaS 3.0, and the Open Architecture approach that enables IT innovation, and prepares Local Station Groups for Cross Media Sales and Digital Convergence.

Fully integrated with Operative’s OnAir Traffic system and Operative.One Ad Management Platform, but able to integrate with the Traffic system of your choice, AOS brings Linear Local Sales to the next level, enabling:

  •  Open Architecture enables integration of your Local Sales with the Traffic system of choice, including WideOrbit and Imagine so no need to “rip and replace”
  • Account Executive’s full-fledged Cloud-based sales system, AOS provides an end-to-end experience for creating, managing and negotiating inventory and packages
  • Manage truly convergent Cross Media campaigns with roll ups to single metric values
  • Multiple rate cards with multiple tiers can be managed per property
  • Universal Product Catalog is the first true hub of program management across Networks
  • Paperless workflow streamlines and automates communication and negotiations between sales and management
  • For account executives and the research team, AOS is the “master control” one stop shop for all research needs
  • Eliminate manual work and react faster with AOS’s automated “real-time” posting capability

AOS for Cross Media and Convergence Sales

As Television and Video companies continue to try and grow revenue in the face of competition from the duopoly and FAANG  companies, they need to transition from a Ratings-based selling model to an Outcome-based Converged strategy. This change will require Media Companies to be able to migrate from traditional GRP to advanced Audience Sets, sell across a Universal Product Catalog with Cross Platform products, and  go to market with a single Insertion Order. Making this transition successfully promises to accelerate revenue growth in the years to come.

Operative’s solutions support this evolution by being:




Convergence without AOS

Without AOS the move to Outcome-based sales promises to bring Chaos thanks to manual processes, increased headcount, and integration “hell”

Convergence with AOS

With AOS your Outcome-based sales come together in an organized data model, customized to your unique go-to-market approach

AOS for Digital Planning

Fully integrated with Operative’s industry-leading Operative-One Ad Management Platform, AOS will enhance your Digital Planning capabilities.

  • Multiple multi-tiered, versioned, ratecard structure captures negotiated rates and audience guarantees
  • Allocate Plan budget by period, daypart and plan component, and easily shift revenue between periods
  • Inventory forecasting evaluating multiple levels of demand pressure
  • Monitor cancellation exposure and efficiently execute cancellation instructions
  • Continuous monitoring of budget allocation to insertion orders
  • Revenue Reporting based on content targets defined in products
  • Visibility to plan revision history – see the evolution of multiple pitches
  • Configurable planning approval workflow with notifications
  • Efficiently manage daily priorities using personal dashboard


Ready to start the transition to an Open Architecture, Cloud-based operating system enabling the transition to Outcome-based Sales?

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