Benchmarking Insights with MSG: 2023 Holiday Forecast

By Sarah Levitt

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, a retrospective glance at last year’s Holiday season sets the stage for understanding the current pulse of the market, and where there’s opportunity for the remainder of the year. The shifts in Open CPMs, impressions, and advertiser preferences provide valuable insights into the dynamics of Q4 advertising, laying the groundwork for what to expect for Holiday 2023.

Throughout October, Open CPMs for both Display and Video were slightly higher than in 2022, and we’re hoping this trend continues throughout the rest of the year. However, Open Impressions have decreased since mid-September and into Q4 this year, potentially bolstering prices, and a reaction to shifts into the private markets.

Last year, we saw growth in PG, as new advertisers entered the market in the private space. We’re anticipating a similar trend in 2023, with new spenders joining over the next couple of weeks.

From an advertiser category standpoint, CPG has been showing strong ad spend in the Open market, Pharma has seen growth in Private Auction, and Food & Beverage has seen substantial ad spend increases in PG. All areas to capitalize on for the remainder of Q4.

Despite these optimistic trends, economic and global uncertainty prevails in the forecast for the remainder of 2023. We’ll share updates as we continue to monitor advertiser spend and market trends.

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