AI Will Change “How You Software”

By Christopher Hession

If you’ve been following Operative for the past 6-9 months, you know we’re all in on AI. Personally, I see it as a massive game-changer for all industries. AI has the potential to be transformational on a level greater than the cloud. It has the potential to drive incredible gains for innovative companies around the world. And because of AI’s focus on continous evolution, there may be no chasm to cross before the mainstream business market is ready to adopt. But at an individual user level, it has the potential to completely change “how you software”.

What do I mean by that?

For years, media companies have leveraged Operative’s order management platforms like AOS and Operative.One to manage the complexities of their advertising businesses. But now, a truly revolutionary shift is underway with the introduction of AI. AI tools (such as Operative’s Adeline) are poised to serve as an intuitive conversational layer, effectively pushing the traditional software interface into the background. Meaning, instead of “forms and fields”, you’ll quickly find yourself in a new world of conversational automation.

Moving Beyond Traditional Order Management UI’s

While Operative’s order management systems serve as a needed foundation for media workflows and provide incredibly robust capabilities through crazy-efficient user interfaces, users still have to navigate multiple fields, screens, and workflows to execute tasks like creating media plans, making inventory adjustments, or investigating a makegoods request. Regardless of how streamlined the software is, this process can still create friction and inefficiencies in day-to-day ad sales and operations.

Powered by advanced natural language processing and machine learning, AI tools will understand and respond to natural language queries and commands across the full ad management lifecycle. Imagine simply asking an AI tool, “What was the delivery pacing for Coca-Cola’s primetime TV scatter campaign last week?” or “Update our digital video inventory availability based on the new Nike sponsorship deal.”

The AI tool will comprehend the context, will access the relevant data within AOS or Operative.One, perform the necessary analysis, and provide insights or execute the desired actions—all through a conversational interface without users having to navigate software menus manually.

Adeline exemplifies Operative's vision: harmonizing intelligent software and intuitive conversational interfaces to usher in a new era of ultra-efficient, data-driven ad operations that amplifies human potential.

Intelligent Automation and Decision Support
AI tools will also take automation and decision support to new heights by leveraging machine learning algorithms trained on vast media datasets — proactively identifying optimization opportunities for existing campaigns, recommend targeting strategies aligning with market trends, and even surface new monetization prospects.

This intelligent automation enhances campaign effectiveness while freeing up media teams to focus on higher-level strategy, creative ideation, and client collaboration.

Personalized and Contextual Ad Ops
AI tools such as Adeline will understand each user’s role, preferences and goals, tailoring their interactions accordingly. They may prioritize revenue metrics for sales executives, content insights for schedulers, or operational efficiencies for ad ops specialists. This contextualization ensures the right information reaches the right stakeholders at the right time.

Continuous Learning for a Dynamic Ad Landscape
As Adeline interacts with media teams and data in the future, its knowledge and decision-making abilities will continuously evolve. It will learn from campaign performance, consumer trends, and user feedback to iteratively refine its strategies—ensuring media companies remain agile and capitalize on new opportunities.

Collaborative Human-AI Workflow
There is always a fear that AI agents may someday displace human expertise. But we’re designing Adeline to augment and elevate media professionals’ capabilities. By automating rote tasks, Adeline allows teams to concentrate on higher-value activities that require human ingenuity.

Successful adoption will hinge on change management—equipping employees to effectively leverage and collaborate with Adeline through training and open communication.

A Harmonious Future
As AI tools become deeply integrated into ad sales, the traditional “forms & fields” software interface will recede into the background, enabling a fluid, conversational workflow. No extensive onboarding training required! 😊

However, the true power of AI lies in its symbiosis with human ingenuity. By offloading tedious tasks to the AI assistant, media professionals can focus their talents on strategic planning, creative development, and nurturing client relationships—driving continual innovation and success. Computer processing speed combined with real human creativity will be the ultimate competitive differentiator.

While this future may still be….well, the future!…..Adeline exemplifies Operative’s vision: harmonizing intelligent software and intuitive conversational interfaces to usher in a new era of ultra-efficient, data-driven ad operations that amplifies human potential. I hope you’re as excited for this future as I am.



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