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Being able to plug everything into Operative.One is a 180-degree improvement. We would spend days just correcting reports that had manual errors and sending updated invoices 30 days later that delayed the time period getting paid. Operative had made my life so much easier, because my team has a very clear process of what each member does, everything is centralized in one spot, and Finance can export all delivery for invoicing, making billing straightforward.

– Kim Foster, Senior Director of Operations

Bustle Digital Group is the largest premium publisher for millennial women. Every month, they reach nearly 80 million readers through four publications – Bustle, Romper, Elite Daily and The Zoe Report.

Before Foster joined Bustle, the sales process was extremely manual, time consuming and inefficient. “There were multiple spreadsheets going to different people, so everything got lost in the cracks and it took days to pull exact revenue numbers for each brand, which always delayed end-of-month billing,” says Foster. She knew that in order to maximize success in her role, she needed to streamline operational efficiency and maximize revenue yield brought in from each of the four media properties.

Foster had used Operative.One, Operative’s order management system, in her previous role at Turner so she was very familiar with the product’s reputation and reliability. Foster says, “I had a good experience using Operative at Turner, and I knew it was a trustworthy product because a lot of the top publishers use it.”

After implementing Operative.One, Foster’s team achieved immediate results. The entire sales and delivery workflow process is in the system, which gives clear guidelines for team roles, and all campaign line items are maintained in one location, instead of “in outer space on a Google Doc” (according to Foster). This allows her team to simplify the sales process, easily pull delivery data for invoicing and cut billing time in half.

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