Benchmarking Insights with MSG: Video CPM Trends

By Sarah Levitt

Our Benchmarking data has always served as a source of truth in good times and times of opportunity. We have compiled a 1H 2023 report to provide the market with a look at how the trends so far this year, can help inform decision making to drive revenue growth in the 2nd half.

This quick overview is a snapshot of the Video and CTV ad space, where Matthew Goldstein — our go-to advertising expert analyst — dives into CPM trends and the implications for the rest of this quarter and year.

Are you set up to capitalize on the areas of growth? There’s no time like the present to do an analysis of your ad strategy to make sure you’re maximizing your monetization capabilities.

What We Expected (Macro-Level) in 1H 2023

  1. In the lead-up to 2023, there were concerns among CFOs and CEOs about the potential arrival of a recession. Analysts and market experts had predicted a downturn in the marketing sector during the same year, further adding to the apprehension. However, as the year progressed, the anticipated recession failed to materialize, much to the relief of many. In fact, the stock market performed remarkably well during the first half of 2023, and companies’ earnings were looking promising.​
  2. Despite the positive developments, there remained a cautious optimism among business leaders. They hoped that marketing spend would increase in the second half of 2023, bolstered by the strong performance of the stock market and encouraging financial results. The first half of the year saw some interesting trends in the advertising industry, with programmatic advertising experiencing a decline with CPMs also down, aligning with the broader patterns in the advertising landscape.​
  3. Additionally, a notable shift was observed in the market share of companies, where some preferred channels gained traction, which is to be expected in a consolidated market, others did not. Notably, OPEN shares increased in popularity, reflecting changes in advertising strategies and consumer preferences.​
  4. Examining specific categories within the advertising industry, it was evident that certain sectors were thriving. The automotive and pharmaceutical industries, in particular, recorded significant year-on-year increases in advertising spend. Furthermore, shopping emerged as a consistently strong advertising category, maintaining its position as the second-highest spender since 2021. On the other hand, the travel and tourism sector showed steady growth, indicating positive prospects for the industry in the coming years.​
  5. As the second half of 2023 approached, businesses and marketing professionals remained cautiously optimistic, closely monitoring market trends and consumer behavior. The hope was that the overall economic outlook, coupled with the positive performance of various advertising categories, would support increased marketing spend and contribute to further growth in the industry.​

Those are a few of the insights from Operative’s STAQ Benchmarking data and 1H 2023 Report. To view the report and the entire data analysis, click here.

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