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Simplify the Business of Advertising

Build a foundation for selling the future of digital media

Your advertising business needs a solid foundation in order to grow. Technologies change, but the core of your business remains the same. Every publisher needs a system that allows them to connect all of their supply- and demand-side technologies to sell, execute, and bill through a single system.

We have spent the last decade building that foundation with Operative.One™

Operative.One from Operative pushes just the data you need to optimize inventory value at every step between sale and delivery. A streamlined data flow means more control, and more control means higher inventory value to sustain profit across a wider landscape of demand channels.

Gain Control of Your Inventory

Aggregate your inventory to generate more revenue. Everything in your arsenal gets standardized into a product catalog, allowing your sellers to quickly bundle and sell multimedia packages, increase inventory value, and reduce unsold inventory — all within the pricing controls that you set.

Centralize Reporting

When all of your business and delivery data is in one place, the patterns start to make sense. Understanding the bigger picture of your revenue streams allows you to make adjustments on the fly, correcting under-performance and yielding more from your inventory.

Automate Ad Operations

Too many ad traffickers spend their time in manual processes moving data from point A to point B. Operative.One saves your company around 50% of its ad ops spend by automating those processes, allowing traffickers to move campaigns from sale to delivery faster, and with greater accuracy.

Collect What You Sell

If finance doesn’t have a single view of what was sold and what was delivered, billing becomes a guessing game. We give finance up-to-date reporting on sales and delivery data, which allows them to invoice on actual campaign performance numbers, and cut billing time in half.

Operative.One organizes our inventory in a product catalog, which sellers use to create custom opportunities. This has the biggest impact to our bottom line.

Bill Murray, Chief Business Operations Officer, Scripps Networks Interactive

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Media Sales

To be profitable, your teams need to be able to sell multimedia inventory across a growing landscape of demand channels. We simplify that process and arm your sellers with an easy-to-use sales interface.

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Billing & Reporting

Selling inventory is the first step — but actually collecting your revenue is arguably the most important. We help publishers bill quickly and accurately so they can retain all of their booked revenue.

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Business Intelligence

Get a better view of your inventory and business. Operative.One helps disconnected departments run from a centralized data set, providing a single source of truth. Dashboards deliver historical data and analytics about your inventory and business. Make more informed decisions about rate cards based on revenue trends by product, salesperson, and advertiser.

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In the rapidly evolving world of digital media, you need to build your business on a framework that’s flexible for future growth. Operative enables you to easily plug in new technology and alternate out existing ones, without disrupting your entire tech stack.

Ad Ops

There’s a problem in ad operations. We call it low-ROI thinking. We take over the redundant, costly ad operations tasks so our clients can focus their effort of strategic activities that generate revenue.

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Top media companies like NBCUniversal, A+E Networks, Hulu, Turner, and Vevo are are simplifying their linear and digital advertising with Operative.

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