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By Tom Paradiso

Behind the scenes of every publisher sales organization is an Ad Operations team (AdOps). For many publishers, their AdOps is held together with duct tape. They have an overworked team that is constantly dealing with fire drills and an ever-changing landscape of technologies and policies requiring constant changes to process.

As a relatively new and unique beast that grew along with the rise of digital marketing, the function of AdOps is just over 20 years old. Including digital display, video, mobile, CTV and more, what was once a paper-based linear process is now highly complex, comprising millions of placements across a publishers’ product catalog – tying into different proposal tools, order systems, ad servers, and programmatic platforms.

As AdOps takes on more complexity and more responsibility, Publishers are often unsure how to make improvements. Investing in more people may not always be the right answer, which can be costly. A full-time team has limited flexibility and can handle only a specific amount of work, though need to be paid regardless of the fluctuating volumes.

Investing in outsourced AdOps to complement an internal team can be a more efficient and effective approach, especially if you’ve got an OMS like Operative.One or AOS.  Outsourcing does not have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Operative has a flexible, modern approach to AdOps that works in line with your unique needs.

Manage Costs

Over time, managing an AdOps team can be costly in two different ways. If you’re under-resourced, you can miss out on potential revenue with sub-par RFP responses, slower campaign setup, and unnecessary errors. On the other hand, over-investing in a team to account for busy seasons can leave you with FTEs that aren’t always productive but are always costly.

Operative absorbs the headaches that come with ad operations like turnover, managing, training, sick days, seasonality, paid leave, upfronts and other big peaks and valleys.

We have designed our AdOps outsourcing solution to help you right-size your labor costs while maximizing speed and accuracy. We work alongside your team with a flexible approach, an extension of your team that can scale up or down based on what you need.

Operative absorbs the headaches that come with ad operations like turnover, managing, training, sick days, seasonality, paid leave, upfronts and other big peaks and valleys.

Implementing Best Practices

If you want to make the most of your investment in ad technology, our team is also there to get your own team set up for success. We’re here to train and define a best-in-class revenue operation given your unique setup. And we are available as a resource when questions or issues arise.

The Operative team will help you:

Manage Change

Publisher M&A is real, as are major re-orgs, resignations, and PTO or other leave, and the AdOps landscape is always changing. Teams that once only managed direct ad sales suddenly need to know programmatic. A team of twenty is suddenly a team of six. Maybe your AdOps lead, who happens to be the admin of all your ad tech platforms, left without documenting any of your internal processes. Getting ahead of these common, disruptive changes can be a costly problem.

Working with a partner like Operative Managed Services, you’ll have the added benefit of our expertise across your technology ecosystem. You will find that we help you derive more value from all the tools that integrate across your stack so that you have a well-oiled machine and can bring you higher returns across your tech investments.

Time to Value

Operative recently announced AOS, our cloud-based order management platform that publishers can deploy to manage workflows across their entire existing tech stack. This turbo-charged solution provides immediate benefits if your team is ready to use it.

By working with Operative’s AdOps team, you can accelerate your ability to drive value from your investment much more quickly. We provide an immediate ramp as you implement AOS so that you’re up and running on your new order management system and then let you decide when your team is ready to take the reins.

A Partnership That’s “Part of Your Ship”

Operative has a 20+ year history in advertising operations. We’ve seen growth from linear TV to digital, mobile, CTV and beyond. Today, we work with media companies around the globe, handling their advertising processes that include everything from local-sold broadcast to programmatic multichannel digital.

With Operative, our team is not limited to working in a single ad server or OMS. We offer technical, programmatic strategy, systems administration and much more.

Our team works the same hours as yours, no matter where your team is located globally. As a managed service vs. an FTE model, we define a turnaround time and can expedite your most urgent requests to be returned within the same business day.

When you’re considering the purchase of new technology, understanding what kind of ROI you’ll get from that technology is critical. One way to get more value from a new tech investment is to tap into the expertise that your new partner can offer.


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