Operative and Advisr Announce Expanded Partnership to Automate Pre-Sales Planning and Proposal Generation

NEW YORK, June 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Operative has announced an expanded partnership with Advisr that brings its suite of sales tools, including AI-driven recommendation engine, automated media planning, and proposal automation to its new AOS platform. The combined solution will be available as an optional application for Operative clients on the AOS platform, the company’s cloud-based solution for managing advertising workflows across digital and linear platforms and inventory. The new AOS module automates complex tasks associated with creating cross-platform media plans and proposals, while giving planning and sales teams powerful new tools for optimizing inventory and yield on every ad buy.

Operative provides a robust product catalog that allows clients to understand different variations and combinations of products and targeting formats to better manage rate cards and offerings. With the integration, Advisr customers developing data-driven sales strategies and proposals will now be able to seamlessly push campaign details directly into Operative’s order management system for trafficking and fulfillment.

Advisr is the leading provider of sales automation technology for enterprise media companies and has been integrated with Operative platforms for a year, making the sales fulfillment process more efficient, reducing human error, and enabling sales and planning teams with robust algorithms and AI/ML toolsets . In this new phase of the partnership, shared customers of Advisr and Operative One have experienced reductions of time in traffic planning by as much as 25%, per entry. As Advisr brings their capabilities to the cloud, customers will not only achieve similar significant process improvements, they gain more flexibility and scale via combined systems.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Operative into the cloud to give our shared customers a planning and proposal solution that’s even more flexible and scalable than before. Their AOS platform takes the best of Operative One and combines it with the computing power of modern cloud-based software, working seamlessly with a publishers’ own technology stack,” said Quique Nagle, Chief Executive Officer at Advisr. “We’ve seen tremendous business improvements for our shared customers and expect that to grow with this new offering.”

“Advisr and Operative are both founded on creating automation and efficiency for publishers, and we are both built to be interoperable, with an open design that brings publishers a host of advantages. This new partnership is the culmination of our vision to deliver a cloud-based solution that provides end-to-end connectivity between the product catalog, workflow, planning and proposal generation,” said Ben Tatta, Chief Commercial Officer at Operative. 

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Headquartered in NYC, Advisr helps sales organizations become more efficient and effective in their sales engagements. Advisr’s technology enables sales teams to capture more revenue and increase share of wallet by automating pre-sales workflows and providing the infrastructure to scale. Learn more at: http://www.advisr.com.

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