News publishers lament the role of verification firms in the programmatic market 

Digiday used Operative’s benchmarking data in a recent article lamenting the role of verification firms in the programmatic market. Check it out!

In January, the average cost that an advertiser would pay per thousand views of their ads (CPMs) was $1.21 in the open marketplace — the lowest it’s been since May 2020, per Operative’s STAQ Benchmarking Data. Comparatively, the average CPMs for private auctions (PMP) was $3.46 in January and $10 for programmatic guaranteed deals (PG) — the lowest monthly averages since June 2020 and August 2020, respectively. The four-week average CPM for the open marketplace in February rose slightly at $1.28, but the average PG CPM fell to $9.74 and the average PMP CPM was down to $3.20, indicating that publishers’ programmatic revenue is still being impacted by the economic slowdown. 

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