NAB 2024 review: AI takes centre stage

Monetisation through personalised ad insertion

Apart from AI, monetisation is one of the other hottest discussion topics in the industry. And with the shift towards advertising and streaming profitability (see also Netflix’s decision to stop reporting subs numbers from 2025), ad insertion was on many people’s lips at NAB.
Personalised ad insertion at scale, combined with low latency streaming, has become something of a Holy Grail in the context of current market and technology dynamics, a new way of monetising ads and boosting inventory value as media companies hunt new venue streams.

“The marketplace is observing a significant demand for workflow automation to expedite manual processes, particularly in managing their advertising business. AI strategies are at the forefront for media companies to leverage solutions that will drive efficiencies across their business. These AI powered tools are transforming the industry by enabling media companies to work smarter, faster and with greater precision,” Dave Dembowski, SVP Global Sales, Operative. Operative’s suite of products, including newly available AI solution Adeline, help companies leverage automation across their current and future advertising business, offering GPT-enabled assistance and business intelligence, improving efficiency and enhancing workflows for better business outcomes.

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