Modernizing Media Revenue Management: Navigating the Complexities of Linear, Digital, and Beyond

New solutions based on cloud technology and modular design are helping media enterprises achieve their goals

Today’s modern media companies juggle a variety of revenue streams, from traditional linear advertising to digital to growth channels like CTV. Group M’s global advertising forecast predicts that CTV will increase 13.2% in 2023 compared to a 1.2% decrease for linear. That change will create seismic shifts in how media companies assemble proposals, deliver campaigns and maximize yield.

The way advertising spend evolves across channels also adds to the already complex makeup of the processes and technologies that drive revenue management. Media companies are faced with the daunting task of meeting advertiser demand for highly targeted, custom ad campaigns across channels that can also deliver measurable results.  Over time, many media companies have built up a network of different technologies and processes that are stitched together, often with manual work and spreadsheets. 

These systems are often stuck in silos, focused on the linear business or the digital business, without integrations to bring information together. Without a unified system, media companies are often slower to create proposals for advertisers and have difficulty delivering campaigns optimally, leaving revenue on the table.

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