MarTech Edge Interview with Michael Grossi Chief Executive Officer at Operative

In this insightful Q&A, MarTech Edge interviewed Michael Grossi, Chief Executive Officer at Operative. Michael shared his experience in the telecom, media, and tech sectors that spans over 3 decades and shared insights on the upcoming media operations trends. Additionally, he discussed how Operative plans to stay ahead of the curve with recent partnerships and the companies future strategies.

Could you outline your future objectives and strategies for Operative?

Operative sits in the center of a media company’s revenue operation, and with that, we play a vital role in their growth and success. Our objective is to continue to deliver solutions that make it easier and more profitable for media companies to sell advertising. We’re expanding our cloud-based offering - for example, AOS now works for FAST. And we’re partnering with more companies across the industry to ensure that integrations are never a barrier to entry for our clients.

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