Breaking Down Ad Silos to Boost Your Bottom Line

Business management systems give broadcaster flexibility to access data and insights across platforms

Operative’s cloud-based AOS converged advertising system manages advertising workflows across platforms and inventories. 

“The first step is to drive interoperability, the second is to allow companies to sell interoperationally,” said Ben Tatta, chief commercial officer at Operative. “The industry has gone from a platform sales approach to audience sales approach, so media needs to be sold in a more integrated basis.”

This shift became materially clear during the pandemic, he said. “People were home, they were consuming more content and there was a shift toward digital consumption,” Tatta said. And that carried all the way out to advertising, he said. 

AOS is now accessible through Google Cloud to allow  customers to more easily integrate AOS into their advertising workflow. According to Operative, retail, digital and linear media operations can use AOS as a “connective tissue” via the cloud to converge advertising workflows. 

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