SintecMedia Acquires Pilat Media

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Combined Technologies Offer Media’s Broadest Selection of Best-in-Class Broadcast Business Management Solutions

SintecMedia today announced that the company has acquired Pilat Media, both leading providers of media business management software. The combination of the two leading companies creates the broadest portfolio of business management solutions tailored to all types of media businesses and creates a driving force of innovation in the media industry. Pilat Media’s flagship product, IBMS (Integrated Broadcast Management System), MediaPro (advertising sales systems) and the OTTilus over-the-top (OTT) TV service platform, join SintecMedia’s line of OnAir®, SIMS, Nestor and Medea solutions to offer best of breed business management solutions with increased R&D investment for the benefits of all customers.

Pilat Acquisition Q&A

“Our acquisition of Pilat Media is tremendous news for our global base of customers because it represents the marriage of the two technology leaders in the media content and operations management space,” said Amotz Yarden, CEO, SintecMedia. “By joining forces, we will be able to offer the industry’s richest selection of innovative broadcast management solutions and unparalleled customer support — giving our current and future customers the ultimate tools to monetize their assets and streamline their operations in today’s complex and rapidly changing media environment.”

The acquisition positions SintecMedia as the “go-to-vendor” for delivering next generation business management solutions tailored to the needs of commercial and public broadcast networks, cable networks, station groups and multichannel platform operators around the world.

The company’s broad applications portfolio includes multi-platform programming, sales, traffic, media, rights, revenue management, business intelligence, workflow management and OTT service management.

Moving forward, SintecMedia will focus on harmonizing the product portfolio, leveraging best of breed modules and taking an evolutionary path towards next generation solutions to secure customer investments. Customers are expected to benefit from a broader professional services team that expands the range of industry expertise, resources available and project delivery experience.

“Over the past fifteen years since its inception, Pilat Media has built IBMS, MediaPro and OTTilus to become world class solutions, now adopted by over sixty blue-chip media companies around the world and supported by the highly dedicated and client-focused Pilat Media team,” said Avi Engel, CEO, Pilat Media. “Today these invaluable assets become part of SintecMedia, creating a unique opportunity for SintecMedia to establish itself as a market leader. I would like to thank the great people at Pilat Media and our loyal clients for the exciting journey upwards and wish SintecMedia success with the merger and the way forward.”

About Pilat Media

Pilat Media Global plc (AIM: PGB) develops, markets, and supports new-generation business management software solutions for content and service providers in the media industry, supporting content and airtime management and service delivery for multiplatform linear and on-demand services. Pilat Media’s solutions improve business performance; accelerate time to market; and enable business diversification and growth. More than 60 blue-chip media companies around the world use Pilat Media solutions, including CBS, Bell Media, Discovery, BBC, SABC, Chellomedia, Showtime, Sky Italia, AT&T, Globosat, and FOXTEL. These and other deployments represent the management of billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers.

About SintecMedia

SintecMedia is a leading global provider of management solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of broadcasters, media companies, cable MSOs and station groups. OnAir, SintecMedia’s core product, is employed by leading networks in Europe, Asia and North America for managing airtime sales, traffic, programming, and new media. OnAir combines traffic, sales, and programming in a single framework to address the most pressing issues facing broadcasters and media makers including comprehending multiple information levels, integrating linear and non-linear capabilities and managing a full range of assets. Among SintecMedia’s North American clients are NBCUniversal, CBC Canada and Televisa Mexico.
SintecMedia has a staff of over 300 employees with offices in New York, Denver, London and Jerusalem and is backed by the private equity firm Riverwood Capital ( Please visit