Advertising Planning and Sales Solution

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The MediaPro sales system for TV & Radio linear advertising empowers sales houses, TV & radio networks and buying agencies with effective administration of the end-to-end Ad Sales cycle.

Through a unique combination of generic and market-specific capabilities, MediaPro supports multiple sales and business models at a low cost of ownership and with rapid deployment. Sales, Planning, Traffic and Finance teams alike will immediately enjoy the unique benefits of MediaPro; an ad sales system tailored for their needs.

MediaPro is your tailor-made, flexible and efficient Ad Sales solution

  • Easily customized to fit client needs and market model
  • Intuitive features to support management of the entire TV & Radio sales process (from the time of contract creation until invoices are issued)
  • Support of any Pan-European sales model
  • Integration with third-party spot optimizers
  • Powerful native Autoslotter to automatically place 90% or more bookings based on the planner’s instructions
  • Integration with agencies’ campaign management systems to automate campaign creation
  • Parallel support for multiple territories/countries of the same company, accommodating their particular local regulations
  • Agency access to MediaPro: agencies can directly enter new campaign requests and track live campaign performance

Flexible MediaPro Architecture

The Advantages of MediaPro as your Ad Sales Solution

  • Develop and implement optimum pricing strategies
  • Realize and optimize the best revenue yield for your available TV & Radio inventory
  • Improve client responsiveness and enable informed business decisions by providing real-time TV & Radio airtime information to both buyers and sellers
  • Manage commercial airtime campaigns for multiple channels and cross-channels
  • Substantially ease change management by customizing solutions according to your business practices
  • Get customized suggestions for system and workflow improvement points to streamline your operation direct from our implementation team: specialists in European sales for TV & Radio

Ready to see how MediaPro can be customized to your Ad Sales business to streamline your processes and increase revenue?

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