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The future of advertising is digital . We’ll help you build a foundation to sell it.

Digital advertising has given media companies access to an unprecedented array of audiences, devices, and targeting platforms. But while publishers are able to reach more people than they ever have, the complexity of maintaining their increasingly fragmented operations has soared.

Without a centralized infrastructure to manage these operational challenges of selling digital media, media companies are stuck maintaining spreadsheets and hiring people just to keep up with their workflow. Meanwhile, their operations costs soar and their margins shrink. That is not the future we dreamed of for advertising.

Enabling Direct Media Sales

Programmatic isn’t the only thing that needs to be automated. Media companies have more to gain by automating their direct sales process than they do by investing in remnant sales solutions.

Here are a few things we believe.

Every seller should have easy access to all of your inventory – across as many channels and properties as you manage. Your ad ops team is stuck in manual trafficking when they could be strategically finding ways to make you money. And you should be able to collect more of the revenue you sell, and measure yield across all of your products.

Why Publishers
Choose Operative

Operative is a comprehensive solution to reduce the cost of ad operations and increase CPMs for media companies that run direct sales businesses. We’re the only company that offers software and services to automate ad sales, removing fixed costs and freeing your team to be more strategic.

An Innovative Digital Partner

We’re the longest standing, largest order management system for digital media. We have big clients who represent some of the top Comscore publishers, and five #1 international media companies.

Because we work with some of the largest and most complex media companies in the world, Operative is highly customizable. We integrate with a wide landscape of technology platforms, allowing media companies to build their workflow around Operative without compromising existing technology.

No one else has more digital operations experience.

We stand behind our software with professional services and support from industry experts.

  • costCustomer Success

    We have a large customer success team dedicated to serving our clients. We serve as daily touchpoints and strategic business consultants.

  • connectionImplementation

    We’ve got the best track record on successful launches. Our team works closely with you to learn how your business operates and will advise you on best practices.

  • searchTechnical Consulting

    We’re interested in making your business more successful. Our experts can help you streamline the way you utilize technology to sell, deliver, and bill digital media.


Our best minds are at work helping media companies simplify the business of advertising. When we think of something new, we publish it in our resources. Check out what we’ve been working on.

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Publishers who work with Operative see CPM growth 14 times the industry average.

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