Benchmarking Insights with MSG: Advertising Data Trends

By Sarah Levitt

Watch as Matthew Goldstein — our expert advertising analyst — shares brand level advertiser insights to help shed light on revenue opportunities for the rest of the year, and key factors driving these advertising strategies. 

In the ever-evolving world of advertising, an analysis of our Benchmarking data reveals intriguing trends and shifts in advertiser spend and advertiser mix by transaction type. 

When we examine the Open market, a common theme emerges: the majority of verticals have experienced a year-over-year decline in their advertising spend. However, there are notable exceptions that have not only weathered the storm but thrived. Autos, Pharma, CPG, Health, Beauty, and Fitness are among these resilient sectors. 

In the Private market, a similar pattern emerges, with the majority of verticals experiencing a year-over-year decline. However, the Auto, Beauty, Pharma, and Travel sectors stand out as exceptions, demonstrating resilience and even growth in their advertising spend. 

Beyond these, we also observe shifts in other transaction types. While Preferred Deal experiences a decline, there is notable movement in Internet & Telecom and Food & Drink. In Programmatic Guaranteed, despite an overall decrease, there is significant activity in Pharma, Food & Drink, and Shopping making noteworthy contributions. 

Lastly, the Open Auction market exhibits a consistent performance throughout most of 2023, with shares ranging from 70% to ~80%, but dropping to 65% in June and July. Conversely, Private, Preferred Deal, and Programmatic Guaranteed segments experience a gain in share during these same months as advertiser preferences shift to guaranteed inventory and audiences. 

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