TV Ads Trafficking, Billing and Sales supporting any Sales Model in a Single Integrated Platform

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Do you encounter the recent challenges of the industry trying to maximize the yield across channels avoiding cannibalizing your inventory whiles supporting various sales methods (Fixed Spots vs. Rating) and delivery methods of both Primary and Secondary ads.

These are the issues that have instant impact on a successful business bottom line; both on revenue and efficiency. Operative’s industry-leading OnAir Sales and Traffic platform, built up over our 20 years experience in the industry, has a new Open Architecture so that, integrated with AOS and Freewheel helps solve these issues, while still maintaining your core Linear Revenue streams with zero disruption.

β€œTo properly compete and lead this industry into the future, we redesigned our business practices across the organization to optimize operations, integrate management processes and maximize revenue generation. With the constant introduction of new programming, technological innovations throughout our network, and new media, our operations require a powerful, flexible and easy to use system to provide the structural integrity for today and tomorrow. OnAir meets our needs and has proven itself a robust backbone for our regional channels and now for our international channel like STAR ONE.”

– Sanjay Jain, STAR TV CFO

Why Media Companies rely on OnAir to manage their TV Ad Business

  • Supports any sales method and market
  • Open Architecture prepares companies for a Cross Media and Converged future Advanced Sales state
  • Airtime optimization engine (ads as well as promotions) increases revenue stream by scheduling commercial campaigns with great efficiency.
  • Sophisticated decision-support tools compare alternative planning schedules by cost and revenue in order to select schedules with the highest profit
  • Tracking of achievement of Campaign Targets and Requirements
  • Weekly/Daily inventory is managed in real-time assists the broadcaster in gauging sales performance and comparing it across various company-wide parameters.
  • End-to-end integration of the entire broadcast operation – eliminates redundancy, enabling smooth network operations across the entire enterprise.
  • Smooth Commercial Assignment – Pattern/Percentage/Spot methods while complying with required S&P
  • Integrated configurable/customized billing & AR to support any invoicing policy.
  • Extensive content management capabilities enriching sales and traffic processes
  • Multi lingual, currency, network and channels support
  • Reduce customization costs and time using its extensive configuration & customization layer.

Ready to unify sales, streamline your operations and simplify complex workflows to drive increased revenue?

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