Multichannel Video Programming Distributors

Operative’s solutions for MVPD’s maximize inventory yield, streamline workflows, and adapt quickly to market changes

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With over 18 years of experience, Operative’s comprehensive and integrated solutions are trusted by leading MVPD’s to manage their ad sales and programming portfolios. Our solutions provide highly scalable and configurable tools for MVPD’s to be market leaders and quick to respond to changes.

  • Sell Linear, Digital, Addressable, and Audience inventory in a converged manner with our configurable SaaS based Sales and Planning solution
  • Maximize digital yield by packaging inventory together and defining pricing rules to maintain value
  • Buy, sell, package, and traffic digital products between your new and existing partnerships in a private central environment
  • Streamline your digital programmatic workflow, refine your programmatic ratecard, and track performance
  • Ensure that all aspects of your retransmission fee processing are integrated, automated and correct
  • Supervise all aspects of your programming portfolio, including your vendor contracts, channel line-ups, subscribers and programming expenses