OPERATIVE offers end-to-end solutions to accelerate revenues for your station group

Covering the spectrum from converged ad sales, research analysis and posting tools, to content and rights management, to promotions management, to traffic and billing, to retransmission fee management – Operative is a one-stop shop for all your business management needs

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  • Take advantage of a highly configurable SaaS based Sales, Planning and Research solution that enables you to sell Linear, Digital, Addressable, and Audience Sales in a Converged manner. All inventory, regardless of platform, is centrally represented and available for sale as well as research analysis, delivery tracking and reporting.
  • Gain group-wide efficiencies by central management of content, rights and program scheduling tools for accurately managing syndication contracts and easily creating program schedules.
  • Better promote your station and increase ratings with Operative’s simple-to-complex promotion campaign management.
  • Proven, feature-rich linear Traffic system covering copy, promotions, log management, reconciliation, billing and accounts receivable.
  • Manage retransmission contracts with operators, process all billing and collections and provide critical management reporting for a complete picture of your revenues.