Empower and customize your own Premium Marketplace

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As Audience-based selling becomes ever more prevalent, Publishers need to be able to extend the reach of their Inventory. This is usually done via partnerships, often resulting in a lot of manual Excel-based workflow, and all the associated errors and additional delays that go with it.

Thanks to Operative Connect all those headaches go away as Publishers gain complete control of both the demand and supply process.

With OPERATIVE Connect publishers can empower and customize their own Marketplace

  • Allows Operative customers to now connect to other Operative.One customers and partnerships in a centralized and private software offering in your already existing Operative.One product
  • Easy and scalable way to buy, sell, and package products in between your preferred existing partnerships and create new partnership extensions
  • Create flexible products and reach more audiences with extensions to other top tier publishers in a data enabled environment. Operational efficiency utilizing Operative.One core technology workflow and communication tools
  • Manage trafficking and delivery of all partnerships the same way you manage your core business today

Ready to unify sales, streamline your operations and simplify complex workflows to drive increased revenue?

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