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April 8, 2013, PORTLAND, OR

Rentrak Incorporates SintecMedia’s Financial Management System To Manage Payments For Digital Content
Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT), the leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising, television and movie industries, today announced it is working with SintecMedia, the industry leader in revenue management solutions for television and movies, to provide digital reporting that will integrate SintecMedia’s Medea on Demand with Rentrak’s Digital Download Essentials service.

Rentrak’s Digital Download Essentials service, which measures worldwide Internet Video-On-Demand (iVOD) and Electronic Sell-Through (EST), will be used with SintecMedia’s Medea on Demand, which consolidates information from the various distribution partners (or licensees), to produce customizable reports useful for revenue management. The combination of Rentrak’s daily, census-level reporting and Medea on Demand’s revenue and contract management capabilities, will give movie studios and TV networks in the digital spectrum an end-to-end solution that tracks performance and manages payments for transactional content delivered via online, video-on-demand or mobile platforms.

“I am proud to announce another industry-first from Rentrak. Medea provides the contract management and financial integration solutions content owners require to manage their contract terms, billing and collections with consolidated customizable reports the studios and networks require to drive their business forward,” said Cathy Hetzel, Rentrak’s Corporate President and President of the AMI Division at Rentrak.

“The combination of Rentrak and Medea should be an easy choice for networks and studios who are looking for proven technology from trusted partners with an industry track record that literally spans decades,” added Doug Calahan, SintecMedia’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Medea on Demand brings the same engine already managing billions of dollars in affiliate revenue for the who’s who of Pay TV to the On Demand space.”

About Digital Download Essentials:

Rentrak’s Digital Download Essentials processes daily, census-level iVOD and EST content in more than 140 countries on behalf of many major studios and television networks and is the industry’s only reporting and auditing service providing content performance intelligence on purchased and rented movie and television content downloaded via the Internet.

About Medea on Demand:

Medea on Demand gives Finance & Accounting the tools to run their Digital Downloads business properly, using a proven software engine that automates the complete range of financial processes, including reporting.

About Rentrak:

Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT) is the entertainment and marketing industries’ premier provider of worldwide consumer viewership information, precisely measuring actual viewing behavior of movies and TV everywhere. Using our proprietary intelligence and technology, combined with advanced demographics, only Rentrak is the census currency for VOD and Movies. Rentrak provides the stable and robust audience measurement services that movie, television and advertising professionals across the globe have come to rely on to better deliver their business goals and more precisely target advertising across numerous platforms including box office, multiscreen television and home video. For more information on Rentrak, please visit

About SintecMedia:

SintecMedia is a leading global provider of management solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of broadcasters, media companies, MSOs and station groups. Our comprehensive product offering represents the best of breed solutions for managing revenue and content in the media business. Designed by industry experts and used by top companies in the industry, our products evolve with the clients and provide functionality specific to the business of television.

Among SintecMedia’s more than 300 clients worldwide are: NBCUniversal, CBC Canada, Comcast, Fox, Scripps and Televisa Mexico. SintecMedia has offices in New York, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Denver, London and Jerusalem and is backed by the private equity firm Riverwood Capital ( Please visit