Operative Announces Beta Release of “Compete”, Software That Gives Publishers Control of Programmatic

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NEW YORK, NY, Aug 4, 2015 – Operative, the global leader in business management solutions, today announced the launch of Compete, an automated software product for publishers to manage their digital programmatic advertising more profitably. For the first time, Compete shifts the balance of power towards the publisher with granular controls and optimization. Operative Compete provides publishers with automated programmatic revenue management, which ensures that they receive the best price for their inventory across advertising sources.

“Operative Compete radically increased our programmatic profits,” said Vicky Hsu, VP of Online Marketing at Bauer Media. “With Operative, we have increased control and transparency of our programmatic business, and have reduced the amount of time and labor costs dramatically.”

To date, the digital programmatic advertising market has not lived up to publisher expectations. Publishers typically work with technology “middlemen” like sell-side platforms to manage their inventory at a hefty cost and little to no visibility. Publishers who manage multiple programmatic sources are faced with major increases in manual inventory management, often resorting to cumbersome “waterfall” or development-heavy “header bidding” strategies that have proven to be inefficient and time consuming. Operative Compete removes the manual labor of programmatic, optimizing programmatic placements across revenue sources in near real-time to dramatically increase profits and eliminate the need for costly customization.

“With Compete, Operative provides control and increased revenue generation opportunity to its clients in the growing programmatic market,” said Lorne Brown, CEO and founder of Operative. “For too long, publishers have been at the mercy of the digital advertising ecosystem, and it is Operative’s mission to shift that balance of power and drastically increase publisher profitability. Compete is an example of how Operative provides publishers with a platform that offers total transparency and control across their entire revenue business.”

NEW: Operative Announces Compete – The Transparent Programmatic Platform for Publishers

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