Operative Partners with Warren Lamb & Associates To Automate Traffic Copy Instructions for TV Networks

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OnBoard and Dashense integration increases accuracy, efficiency of TV trafficking.

April 11, 2017, New York, NY: Operative, the preferred business software provider to the world’s top TV Media brands, announced today that they have partnered with Warren Lamb & Associates to automate traffic copy instructions for TV networks. Operative’s OnBoard will connect to Warren Lamb’s Dashense(sm) service to automate the delivery of copy instructions between systems, eliminating inefficient, error-prone manual processes. Combined, OnBoard and Dashense provide the most advanced process available on the market, upgrading otherwise complex and manual data entry processes.

For over 7 years, Warren Lamb’s Dashense has provided an automated traffic instruction service for commercial operations teams at television networks worldwide, providing operational efficiencies while eliminating costly make-goods. , Dashense receives, standardizes and now with the new OnBoard integration, automatically loads copy instructions received from agencies into Operative’s Traffic systems. Dashense ingests data and processes it to be used directly within the systems for trafficking. Traffic instructions received via email and fax in a wide variety of formats are transformed into discrete data points and loaded into Dashense’s copy instruction workflow management tool where broadcaster commercial operations teams work with the actual data rather than paper or images, for editing and approval, before uploading them seamlessly into the Traffic system.

“The partnership between Operative and Warren Lamb represents the future of TV advertising, where connected automation is a requirement for media operations,” said Warren Lamb, President and CEO of Warren Lamb & Associates. “We are thrilled to provide a game-changing offering to networks as they work to build more automated systems to accommodate the explosion of trafficking data they receive across new ad formats and audience targeting.”

“Operative’s connection to the Warren Lamb Dashense platform takes Networks one step closer to true end-to-end automation across their advertising sales and delivery,” stated Amotz Yarden. “As an open platform, OnBoard provides the flexibility networks need to streamline the disparate parts of their technology ecosystem.”

About Warren Lamb & Associates

A respected and dependable solutions resource for operational efficiencies and cost-savings in the Advertising/Media industry for over 27 years, LAMB provides data delivery (EDI), data transformation, data management and data integration services to over 80 corporations and organizations who operate almost 500 media outlets, connecting over 2,000 trading partners across the globe in numerous languages. LAMB’s pioneering and unique services (EDI invoices, EDI contracts, Pre and Post Log management, Dashense traffic management, Plyacle(sm) invoice reconciliation, and zeltgo(sm) communications portal) continue be considered industry best practice solutions as does LAMB’s customer support services.

About Operative

Operative provides business management solutions for premium media companies worldwide. More than 300 of the world’s top media brands, including NBCU, CBS, ABC, AT&T, Amazon, STAR India, and Sky rely on Operative to power their business strategy and operations. Strategically positioned where linear and digital come together,Operative offers products that process more than $40 billion in advertising revenue globally. Since 2000, Operative has grown to over 1100 employees in 13 offices around the world for the best-known companies in the industry. For more information, visit operative.com.


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